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RE: Love the new jessie artwork (lines theme)

Can't wait to update myself.

From: Ben Finney
Sent: ‎1/‎5/‎2015 10:22 PM
To: debian-devel@lists.debian.org
Cc: debian-desktop@lists.debian.org
Subject: Re: Love the new jessie artwork (lines theme)

Stephen Powell <zlinuxman@wowway.com> writes:

> I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I just wanted to
> drop a quick note to say that I love the new artwork for jessie (lines
> theme).

(Including ‘debian-desktop’ which IMO is an appropriate forum for this
message of kudos.)

Agreed. I set up a new “guest” user on my computer last month for family
to use over the holiday period, and the lovely default artwork received
many compliments.

Well done, everyone working to make Debian a pleasure to use!

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Ben Finney

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