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Re: Being part of a community and behaving

On Fri, Nov 14, 2014 at 12:05:17AM +0000, Sam Hartman wrote:
> I'm confused.  Are you saying that cat <logfile> isn't working for you
> with systemd on jessie?
> I'm honestly asking for information here.
> As best I can tell on my system everything that gets logged gets logged
> to text log files.
> Some of it also gets logged to the journal.


I'm saying those things that logged to syslog now log to the journal, so
cat /var/log/syslog doesn't work because the output that used to go there is
redirected to the binary format journal file.

(Obvoiusly if a program manages its own logging, those are not affected by the

If the journal file is not supposed to be in a binary format, then my system
didn't get that configuration update....


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