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Re: veto?

On 12/11/14 10:04, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> It is very sad to see that contributors sometimes feel that the only
> option for them is to resign.
> Would it be worthwhile giving people another option, for example,
> allowing a percentage of DDs to formally veto decisions?  Would this be
> better than people leaving outright?

I'm not sure a veto would help matters when you get disagreement on
topics that involve a lot of emotion.

If a vote went through with a majority wanting option A and then a small
group veto'd it, you might avoid the small group resigning, but what
impact would that have on the majority who've had their views overturned?

Short term, perhaps it would avoid resignations but longer term you may
find it's those who had their votes veto'd that resign.



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