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Re: RFC: DEP-14: Recommended layout for Git packaging repositories

Le 11/11/2014 22:26, Raphael Hertzog a écrit :
> Hello,
> following the initial discussion we had in August
> (https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2014/08/thrd2.html#00499), I have
> written a first draft of the Debian Enhancement Proposal that I suggested.
> It's now online at http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep14 and also attached
> below so that you can easily reply and comment.
> I have left one question where I have had conflicting feedback
> and I'm not sure what's best. Thus I will welcome a larger set of
> opinions on this specific question (search for "QUESTION" in the
> text).
> Are there things that are missing?


I see nothing about whether the debian branch should contained the
unpacked or the unpacked *and* patched sources, and whether to ship the
.pc directory.

I personally ship the unpatched sources and don't ship the .pc directory.

Kind regards, Thibaut.

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