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Re: UDD querying jobs on jenkins.d.n (was Re: inconsistent versions of M-A: same packages


On Samstag, 8. November 2014, Holger Levsen wrote:
> It would be trivial to turn this into a jenkins jobs, shall I?
> It seems to me, there could be several other UDD querying jobs as well, so
> my first suggestion for a name (+namespace) would be
> "udd_multiarch_inconsistencies"... suggestions for other useful UDD queries
> welcome! (Useful as in: having them run by jenkins every day/week and the
> results displayed in some job...)

I've done this now, currently there are three jobs:


They are all run daily at 8am UTC, though the wheezy job is only run on the 
first of the month.

wookey, do you want email/irc notifications going somewhere?

I've added turning the source package names into links to tracker.d.o on my 
todo-list, as well as including version numbers into the output.

If you want to help me with that, please patch 
 which takes params as defined in 

If you have any ideas for further UDD querying jobs I'd be glad to hear them!


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