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inconsistent versions of M-A: same packages


sorry for the naive question, but is there a plan for massively rebuilding all "Multi-Arch: same" packages that have inconsistent version numbers across architectures before releasing Jessie?

I understand that in testing or unstable, rebuilding for all platforms every time a single one needs a rebuild is costly. And there may be solutions in future versions of dpkg/apt to accept multiarch co-installations that differ only by a rebuild. But in the mean time, for a stable release like Jessie, it would be nice to be able to take advantage of the good work some maintainers have put into adapting their packages to M-A.

A few random packages that currently have an inconsistent version:
zlib1g (+b1 on ppc64el)
expat (+b1 on ppc64el, +b2 on arm64)
xz-utils (idem)
check (+b1 on s390x, libc conflicts with non +b1 version)
mpclib3, mpfr4...


Marc Glisse

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