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Re: so long and thanks for all the fish

On Sat, 08 Nov 2014, Michael Hanke wrote:
>      If I have one regret from my 18 years in Debian, it's that when the
>      Debian constitution was originally proposed, despite seeing it as
>      dubious, I neglected to speak out against it. It's clear to me
>      now that it's a toxic document, that has slowly but surely led Debian
>      in very unhealthy directions.

>    We're fucked!

Whenever I thought that things could go right once for a change, this
"news" came.  Well done my lovely community (I will wear this blame
badge from now on too)!

> (in my perception of this language there is no better way to say this).

I wholeheartedly agree.


no words would be sufficient to express my gratitude to you for all what
you have done for the Debian project.  No other day would be alike now
in Debian when you are gone.

I really hope, that if not through the full parentship of this baby of
yours, you will still keep an eye on your kid(s), express your opinion
and share technical expertise one way or another from time to time.
Let's may be call this not a "retirement" but rather "sending kids to
college" transition -- 18 years is about the right age they say?

Please don't give up on us entirely!  Please???!!!

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