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Re: Bad weather in testing ? (was: Re: inconsistent versions of M-A: same packages)

Hi Ralf,

On Freitag, 7. November 2014, Ralf Treinen wrote:
> > The bad weather in
> > https://qa.debian.org/dose/debcheck/testing_main/index.html is still
> > surprising to see, at this point...
> not at all ! The weather icons are a bit misleading (this is one reason
> why I wasn't such a big fan of these), one has to look at the figures.
> "Storm" is indicated for the "some" category, that is packages that are
> not installable on *some* architecture. There are 1449 of these, but
> 1440 of them are architecture=all, and only 9 of them are
> architecture-specific. 

well, I was surprised to uninstallable packages in testing at all, I was of 
the (foolish) impression that the testing migration scripts made sure this 
would not happen at all. Now I've remembered all the force being used to beat 
testing in shape and that we are not there yet.. ;-)

> The issue of architecture=all packages that
> are not installable on some architecture can IMHO not be solved with
> our current setup which makes architectures=all available on every
> architecture.

The issue would become a non-issue if the "end user tools" (eg apt) would not 
show such packages as available, or?


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