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Re: Enable external repository on package installation

On Sun, 26 Oct 2014, Pau Garcia i Quiles wrote:
> "Do you want to enable an external repository which will provide you with
> the latest version of Wt?

That behaviour is discouraged in Debian.

We don't mind if you offer the PPAs, but the official packages should
*NEVER* enable PPAs or offer to do it (documenting that the PPA archive
exists and how to enable them in the README is fine, of course).

Please provide up-to-date versions of your package through
backports.debian.org, that should address the main use-case quite safely.

You'd do it like this:  unstable -> testing -> stable-backports

(i.e. upload to unstable, wait for it to migrate to testing so that you give
it some time for testing *of the Debian package itself*, then upload the
stable backport).

It works extremely well, I've been doing that for several packages of mine
(and of others as well, but in that case, you must understand that you will
become effectively a co-maintainer of the backported branch and you are
responsible to keep it up-to-date and address backport-related bug reports).

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