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Re: Removing conffiles AND directories in /etc

On Sun, 26 Oct 2014, Santiago Vila wrote:
> > So, dpkg-maintscripthelper seems to do "Removing obsolete conffile"
> > after dpkg tries to delete old directories, so dpkg fails.
> > 
> > I'd be surprised if I were the first to encounter this problem: what is
> > the appropriate and clean way to get rid of *all* conffiles for a
> > package, including the directory that contains them?
> I have never used dpkg-maintscripthelper myself, but the documentation
> suggests that dpkg-maintscripthelper is not able to do that (the
> directory part) yet:
>   Current implementation: in the preinst, it checks if the conffile was modified and renames it either to
>   conffile.dpkg-remove  (if  not modified) or to conffile.dpkg-backup (if modified). In the postinst, the
>   latter file is renamed to conffile.dpkg-bak and kept for reference as it  contains  user  modifications
>   but the former will be removed. If the package upgrade aborts, the postrm reinstalls the original conf‐
>   file. During purge, the postrm will also delete the .dpkg-bak file kept up to now.
> I would report this as a dpkg bug.

It is actually trivial to work around this in maintainer scripts, as "rmdir
/etc/foo/bar/ >/dev/null 2>&1 || true"  is always a safe operation...

...*provided* that we actually never issue it on a directory that should
never be deleted when empty!

So, while it is indeed something we could (and should) fix in
dpkg-maintscripthelper if at all possible, we should first map any possible
exceptions (directories that should not be removed when empty) in order to
fully understand the problem.

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