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Re: LSB headers and other junk, how do you hack a quick init script in debian these days?

On Tue, 21 Oct 2014, Michael Ole Olsen wrote:

> suddenly I couldnt just place a script in rc2.d folder anymore, needed to symlink
> needed to add an lsb header too it seems


It took me quite some effort to learn about LSB headers, exit codes,
SYSV init scripts, and all that, in order to fix our machines, on
which coworkers had put “init scripts”, after Debian forcefully
required insserv even for file-rc. (I come from a DOS/BSD background,
so I haven’t had to deal with all that before.)

That was shortly before systemd was introduced. Just when I finally
learned how to write a proper Debian SYSV init script for things
like JBoss/Wildfly with Liferay.

I was not amused.

I’ll be amused when my coworkers upgrade systems I have no control
over, will get systemd (despite my warnings), and their scripts
and systemd will have “interesting” effects because they don’t
match what systemd documents a system state to be.

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