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Re: piece of mind (Re: Moderated posts?)

+++ Didier 'OdyX' Raboud [2014-10-13 17:33 +0200]:
> I really don't buy the argument that "the GR proposal was too quiet to 
> be noticed by 6+ people". I mean: the proposition happened to be in the 
> middle of the post-TC decision wave, on the mailing lists where it 
> belonged. The people who cared about the whole "default init for Debian" 
> question _were_ following and contributing to these various lists. I'm 
> therefore claiming that the people who missed the GR proposal were not 
> sufficiently interested (otherwise they would've been subscribed to 
> either -vote or -project, where these proposals belong). 

I might well have supported a GR (depending exactly what it said), but
I'm not on -vote or -project (yes, I probably should be), so I didn't
notice that one was proposed. (I was also very busy trying to do
actual work). I was a little surprised that all that angst failed to
generate a GR. Turn out that in fact it did.

> Doing this now despite the fact that the GR didn't reach its 6 seconds, 
> 7 months ago, will lead to an incredibly bigger waste of time, just when 
> we're about to freeze testing.
> The GR train passed…

At this point I'm inclined to agree. 

I'm just pointing out that interested people, who are moderately
well-involved, really did miss that a GR was attempted.

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