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Re: piece of mind (Re: Moderated posts?)

Miles Fidelman <mfidelman@meetinghouse.net> writes:

> Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
>> I really don't buy the argument that "the GR proposal was too quiet to
>> be noticed by 6+ people". I mean: the proposition happened to be in the
>> middle of the post-TC decision wave, on the mailing lists where it
>> belonged. The people who cared about the whole "default init for Debian"
>> question _were_ following and contributing to these various lists. I'm
>> therefore claiming that the people who missed the GR proposal were not
>> sufficiently interested (otherwise they would've been subscribed to
>> either -vote or -project, where these proposals belong). I'm also
>> thankful that the proposer limited his proposal to these lists (I'd have
>> considered a spread of the call over -devel, -user or other lists an
>> abuse).
> Actually - I'd contest that, for four reasons:
> - as I've previously noted - the major impacts of systemd are being 
> (going to be) felt by sysadmins and upstream developers - who don't 
> necessarily follow debian-devel all that closely -- or have input
> - the actual GR call for vote was buried on debian-vote - immediately 
> jumped on regarding wording and procedural discussions


It was cross-posted on debian-project, and constituted almost half of
the list traffic in March:


it also bled onto debian-user more than once.

> - actual discussion of the GR on -devel was completely swamped by all 
> the other discussion of systemd
> - folks have just now pointed to the -project list --- this is the first 
> I've ever heard of that list

OK, so you missed the memo about a GR.

... but AFAICS you don't have a vote, so it seems to me this lack of
knowledge could have no significant impact on your life.  Unless the
lost opportunity to shout from the sidelines is deeply galling to you,
which it seems it may be.

Even if you had a vote, and even if you'd known about the GR and had
seconded it, and even if the other people who have expressed similar
sentiments all had votes, and all seconded the GR, and it had therefore
clawed its way over the first minuscule hurdle that it actually fell at,
this horse it clearly dead and it would be best if people stopped
beating it.

I'm completely astonished that Ian is willing to suggest that four more
people pledging support for it at this stage would be enough for him to
attempt CPR on its putrid corpse.

Cheers, Phil.
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