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Re: TLP package vs. pm-utils

Hi Gregor,

> That would make me sad, as I'm using both. Maybe this changes after I
> switch to systemd but right now I need both.
Granted. I can't stand saddening my users.

After some more testing i found a way to fully support non-systemd
setups: TLP's pm-suspend hook is installed again.

Can you explain how you use pm-utils:
- How do you call it upon change of the power source (ac <-> bat)?
- Do you have custom hooks?

> Is there a real reason for the Conflicts, even for cases where 
> systemd is installed? Coblficts means "can't be installed together, 
> usually due to file conflicts", which doesn't seem to be the case 
> here.

>From my reply to Martin Pitt:
> The initial goal was to mask the the pm-powersave hooks that apply
> the same powersave settings as TLP because it may lead to funny races
> if two tools are at work. Historically this is needed in Ubuntu and
> Debian < Jessie to coexist with the mandatory pm-utils.

> So i still mask them in the current package just in case someone
> else calls pm-powersave. A "conflicts" would have spared me the
> somewhat ugly postinst/postrm code.

Regards, Thomas

Thomas Koch – linrunner@gmx.net

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