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Re: TLP package vs. pm-utils

 ❦  9 octobre 2014 20:18 +0200, Thomas Koch <linrunner@gmx.net> :

> Older TLP packages – available via my PPA, not in Debian – depend on
> pm-utils (pm-suspend) for being called upon suspend/resume events. The
> necessity to depend on (and coexist with) pm-utils is imho gone with
> Debian's move to systemd.
> Looking into the current pm-utils package in Debian testing i noticed
> that it is kind of inert: nor is pm-powersave called by upowerd –
> changed in upower 0.99.1-1, see [3] –, neither is pm-suspend called by
> systemd's sleep.target.

Isn't the pm-powersave stuff still working due to being invoked by acpid?
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