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Re: TLP package vs. pm-utils

On Thu, 09 Oct 2014 20:18:47 +0200, Thomas Koch wrote:

> i'm the author of the TLP power management tool [1].

I'm a happy user of TLP - thanks for writing it.
> Older TLP packages – available via my PPA, not in Debian – depend on
> pm-utils (pm-suspend) for being called upon suspend/resume events. The
> necessity to depend on (and coexist with) pm-utils is imho gone with
> Debian's move to systemd.

Well ... systemd is the default init system (soon) but not the only

> My conclusion would be to add
> > conflicts: pm-utils
> to my package – associated with the additional advantage that there is
> no need to mask pm-utils' power.d/hooks via postinst/postrm anymore [4].

That would make me sad, as I'm using both.
Maybe this changes after I switch to systemd but right now I need

Is there a real reason for the Conflicts, even for cases where
systemd is installed? Coblficts means "can't be installed together,
usually due to file conflicts", which doesn't seem to be the case

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