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Re: Your behaviour on Debian lists

On Tue, Oct 7, 2014, at 18:00, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Thorsten Glaser <t.glaser@tarent.de> (2014-10-07):
> > Yeah, but Md is an arsehole anyway and requires printf to be
> > a /bin/sh builtin instead of just adding /usr/bin to $PATH,
> > especially now that the initrd mounts /usr already anyway,
> > and CTTE decided to rather offend me than Md because he is
> > maintainer of the more important packages, or those where
> > it’s hard to find someone else for.
> I can't believe I'm reading this.
> Such a toxic behaviour is very much not welcome on Debian lists, or
> anywhere within the Debian project.
> Please apologize and never do that again.
> But since that isn't the first time (see May 2014), and since you don't
> seem to care about your fellow developers, it might be worth considering
> leaving the project entirely.

As I have witnessed several such behaviour myself on the debian lists,
and tg is only person I do have in my killfile, I am strongly seconding

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