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Re: daemon user naming scheme

On 25/08/14 18:30, Jerome BENOIT wrote:
>> On 25/08/14 16:53, Simon McVittie wrote:
>>> I think I slightly prefer _foo, which originated in *BSD.
> Moreover, _foo is not accepted by adduser, the option --force-badname must be used.

Correct. Debian-foo has the same property; debian-foo does not.

Depending who you ask, that might be a disadvantage (you're using a
'bad' character in a username) or an advantage (you're using a character
that is unlikely to be used by sysadmins for an actual human's account,
because they would have to specify --force-badname in order to do so).

>> Let assume this custom:
>> is then /var/lib/foo the custom name for its home directory ?
> I have just realized that I should avoid this question.

It is reasonable to use /var/lib/foo (or /run/foo or /var/cache/foo or
/var/games/foo) as the home directory of a system user whose name is
_foo, debian-foo, Debian-foo or whatever.

It would also be reasonable to use the package name, or any other
obviously-related unique string, as the basename of their home
directory. (openarena-server creates the user Debian-openarena whose
home is /var/games/openarena-server.)

If they don't need a home directory at all, it would also be reasonable
to use /nonexistent, as long as you make sure not to create it.


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