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Re: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop

But I'm actually back to gnome3 because with the right
 extensions it is more pleasant."
So the question is does debian have the extensions he speaks of?
(and) Have debian tweaked those extensions by default, to his liking?

And to quote a not so famous computer user who said "what's that crap on the screen, i don't like that, why have they made it look like android"(main gnome3 menu + app list) and "i can't login to your laptop now". (GDM3)
I asked for no opinion or expressed one either way. But since we're now just quoting things people said.
The user has far more experience with windows in general, but has no problems with lightdm+ e17. (never seen xfce)
Again i suppose it depends who debian is targetting by default.

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