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RE:2 months and no upload for pkg

Hello Charles

> Peer review can help, by making sure that the final controllers (the FTP Master
> team) do not waste their time reporting defects that others could have found.

> You can find a process for peer review at the URL below.

>    https://wiki.debian.org/CopyrightReview

I like a lot the idea, but don't you think that when entering the New Queues a package
should be automatically tag with copyright-review-requested.

this way it should be possible to add these bugs in how-can-i-help.

even better A script could automaticaly download two random packages, one with no review and one with already one review
when you have 20 minutes for Debian during the day. I find that the time spent to find a package for review is a pain.
it should be as simple as:

how-can-i-help --review
<download 2 packages>
... review

reportbug --review
to fill the report and tag accordingly.



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