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Re: [FFmpeg-devel] Reintroducing FFmpeg to Debian


On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 05:13:17PM +0200, Attila Kinali wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, 8 Aug 2014 08:16:24 -0500
> Joe Neal <vlvtelvis@speakeasy.net> wrote:
> > On both servers and desktops, I've been a Debian user since Sarge.  I
> > use Debian not only because of its strong technical merits, but because
> > of the strong sense of ethics the project has always had.  
> > 
> > A fork that tries to forcibly steal the name and infrastructure from
> > the original project while ousting the original maintainer and a good
> > number of developers is not ethical.
> This lie has been spread over the last few years and repeated multiple
> times. I would like to apoligize for being off topic and using
> debian-devel to debunk this lie. But for me, this is a personal insult.
> Back in 2004, when the main server that MPlayer used (and FFmpeg used
> as cvs repository only, nothing else yet) died, MPlayer started to
> collect donations to buy a new machine. FFmpeg joined the efford, as
> they used part of the same infrastructure. Thus end of 2004 a new
> server was bought by me and set up together with Diego Buirrun and
> Mans Rullgard.
> The server was set up at an ISP which were friends of mine as a personal
> favor. Also, legally, the server was registered under my name, as
> MPlayer (who "officially" owned the server) was not legal entity.
> In the following years most of the infrastructure used by MPlayer and
> FFmpeg were provided by Mans Rullgard, Diego Petteno, Luca Barbato,
> my brother, a dozen of my friends and me. These included stuff like
> mirrors, blogs, testing infrastructure, DNS and mail servers, etc.
> I.e. almost everything that MPlayer and FFmpeg used as their infrastructure
> were linked to just 4 people: Mans Rullgard, Diego Petteno, Luca Barbato and me.
> I would like to point out that none of my friends nor my brother ever had any
> relationship to MPlayer of FFmpeg, beside knowing me.
> I also want to point out, that up to 2011, the main server on which
> most stuff run was considered beloning to MPlayer with FFmpeg being
> a paying guest. That was also the reason why everyone refered to the
> server as "mphq" back then.
> In 2011, when the split happend, the three people who were root
> on mphq (Diego Biurrun, Mans Rullgard and me) and Luca Barbato
> were signatories of the document that was the first public start
> of the split[1]. The one missing name from that list, Diego Petteno,
> was also of that group that later became libav, but did not sign
> the mail as he didn't consider himself an FFmpeg developer.
> At that time, we (we being root, ie Mans Rullgard, Diego Buirrun and me)
> explicitly tried not to involve MPlayer at all, because we thought of
> this as an FFmpeg internal issue. That's why mphq (the server) was
> otherwise untouched. [3]
> Unfortunately, in April 2011, Michael Niedermayer threatened to sue
> me personally over a redirection on the MPlayer homepage (for some
> reason http://ffmpeg.mplayerhq.hu redirected to http://libav.org),
> which i was not even aware of that it existed (i was not involved
> in the website at all, beside keeping the webserver running).
> Incidentally, he claimed to write to me in the name of all MPlayer
> maintainers. Because i didn't want to waste my time and money in a pointless
> legal battle, i decided to end my, over a decade long, involvement in MPlayer
> and shut down mphq after some grace period to give them time to move the
> services to an other server[2].

attila, you know me, we met in person before the split, i would never
sue you, i dont understand why after 3 years you still think so.
also i had stated that immedeatly after the mail you quoted back then

I wont sue you or anyone else from libav. Iam a boring geeki guy
spending most of the day and night infront of my computer, i dont
sue people, even less so other free software developers.

> As you can see, all the infrastructure that people claim have been
> stolen, misapproriated etc belonged to people who were of the libav
> camp in the first place. And naturally, this infrastructure went with
> them in the split. (would you invest your time and energy into maintaining
> infrastructure for a project where its main proponents call you a "lying pig"
> and threaten you with their lawyers?)

i dont even have a lawyer, i never needed one and i sure hope i never
will. The closest i got to needing a lawyer was when i got a snail
mail from one of the root admins lawyers about the ffmpeg logo
but lets not follow that path of mudslinging, that would only make
any resolution of the ffmpeg / libav conflict harder.


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