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Re: [FFmpeg-devel] Reintroducing FFmpeg to Debian

+++ Wookey [2014-08-08 16:05 +0100]:
> My expertise here is extremely limited, but some practical experience
> shows that mythtv does at least basically work fine with libav.

It turns out that this is completely wrong (as hinted at in later
mails). I was mislead by info in bugreports.

The (prospective) Debian and Ubuntu (and deb-multimedia) Mythtv
packages do not use libav. So far as I can tell they all use the
internal ffmpeg fork (for the reasons explained elsewhere in this thread).

It would appear that rebuilding against libav is a non-trivial piece
of work. Rebuilding against system ffmpeg would presumably be easier,
but still not necessarily simple. Both will reduce speed and/or
functionality and at least initially probably introduce bugs.

Unless we were to decide to make an exception re internal libraries
(which seems unlikely in this case given the general discussion on
security load), this package is not going to make it into Debian
anytime soon, which from my POV is very sad - I had thought we were
closer than this.

Still, it's only been 5 years so far - don't want to rush these things
:-) I hope we can at least maintain some compatible packages outside
the archive.

Hopefully some tuits will be found to make some progress on this
(we're (well Simon Iremonger is) doing some mythtv-on-arm
builds/testing at the moment) to see what does/doesn't work there.

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