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Re: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop

Jordi Mallach wrote:
> In addition to this, moving to Xfce now would mean yet another transition to
> a new desktop (if we consider GNOME 2.x → 3.x a transition, which it is),

Would that we had considered that when shipping wheezy...

> which would mean a new round of adapation for users installing Debian from
> scratch, and only after two years after getting used to the GNOME 3 workflow.

There's a hidden assumption there that the only people who are going to
be using a desktop in jessie have already been exposed to gnome 3.

It's also a big stretch to say that many people are going to be surprised
by the xfce interface, even if they have gotten used to gnome 3 recently.

> jessie's GNOME 3.x release should be a lot more polished than what we shipped
> with wheezy, which means many of the rough edges and annoyances people may
> have found when upgrading from squeeze are probably now ironed out.

It's still basically fundamentally different from any other DE,
although broadly riffing on mobile UI's, right?

see shy jo

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