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Re: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop

On 08/08/14 05:41, Joey Hess wrote:
> (Also, perhaps worth noting
> that 3.12 is quite a few versions ahead of the gnome currently in
> unstable..)

The metapackages in src:meta-gnome3 are still at version 3.8, but the
actual upstream packages making up GNOME 3.12 are nearly all in testing
already. Automated tracker:

According to that page, brasero (CD burning) and several casual games
(Sudoku etc.) are out of date. That's about it. It's entirely possible
that those packages didn't have any significant changes between what we
have and the GNOME 3.12 release, or have changes that are unsuitable.

There's a lot of red in the Telepathy section, but that's only because
the automated tracker is picking up "0.99.x" snapshots from the
Telepathy 1.0 branch, which isn't ready for real use yet, and will
probably land alongside GNOME 3.16 post-jessie. Our versions of
Telepathy 0.x are up to date.

I don't know whether the GNOME maintainers intend to update
src:meta-gnome3 for 3.12, or whether the metapackages' dependencies from
3.8 are equally valid for 3.12.


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