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Re: possible MBF: automatically detecting unused build dependencies


Quoting Scott Kitterman (2014-07-28 14:54:29)
> It is quite common for people to fix things based on the initial discussion
> about an impending MBF, so I think it would be less than impolite to not
> acknowledge that by filing bugs on obsolete data.
> The two packages that I show up for are fixed as well.

I know. That's why I wrote a few emails up:

>> The results exclude python-defaults and python3-defaults (as requested by
>> Scott Kitterman) and openldap (as requested by Ryan Tandy) and lirc (as
>> requested by Stefan Lippers-Hollmann). Thank you Scott, Ryan and Stefan for
>> already having fixed your packaging!

Nevertheless, I'm currently talking with Holger Levsen and it seems that it
should be possible to implement the machinery on jenkins.debian.net. If you
think that I should not file bugs for the current results, then I'll wait until
the first jenkins runs come in with fresh data.

cheers, josch

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