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Re: possible MBF: automatically detecting unused build dependencies


Quoting gregor herrmann (2014-07-28 11:45:14)
> > ==> libxml-parser-perl_2.41-1.arch-all.unusedbd <==
> > sharutils=1:4.14-2
> Already fixed in 2.41-2.


> I assume you're planning to do a new run before actually filing the
> bugs?

I cannot do a new run before September because I'm moving places twice within
the next month and thus do not have a stable always-on machine available during
that time. The only thing that could change this would be if I found easily
accessible compute time elsewhere (I asked at debian-qa@l.d.o:
http://lists.debian.org/20140726090503.4150.56356@hoothoot )

I thought that hardly any build dependencies get removed over time so that it
would still be appropriate to fill bugreports for the June results now.

If that would not be appreciated then I'll re-run the whole thing once I
settled in at our new place some time in September.

cheers, josch

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