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Re: possible MBF: automatically detecting unused build dependencies

On Mon, 28 Jul 2014 12:07:58 +0200, Johannes Schauer wrote:

> Quoting gregor herrmann (2014-07-28 11:45:14)
> > > ==> libxml-parser-perl_2.41-1.arch-all.unusedbd <==
> > > sharutils=1:4.14-2
> > Already fixed in 2.41-2.
> thanks!

Thanks to you for providing the lists :)
> > I assume you're planning to do a new run before actually filing the
> > bugs?
> I cannot do a new run before September because I'm moving places twice within
> the next month and thus do not have a stable always-on machine available during
> that time. The only thing that could change this would be if I found easily
> accessible compute time elsewhere (I asked at debian-qa@l.d.o:
> http://lists.debian.org/20140726090503.4150.56356@hoothoot )

It seems like there might be solution coming up in this thread -
> I thought that hardly any build dependencies get removed over time so that it
> would still be appropriate to fill bugreports for the June results now.

My gut feeling (cf. also Scott's mail) is that some percentage of
bugs already get fixed by sending a dd-list to -devel.
> If that would not be appreciated then I'll re-run the whole thing once I
> settled in at our new place some time in September.

I could live with one bug that I have to close but re-running the
tests would probably be preferrable, if possible.


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