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Re: Solutions for the Apache upgrade hell

On 2014-07-22 22:10:07 +0200, Arno Töll wrote:
> On 21.07.2014 20:58, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> > Yes, and a consequence of this loss is that dpkg fails.
> dpkg does not at all fail. If anything dpkg errors out because Apache's
> maintainer script failed, because "invoke.rc-d apache2 restart" failed,
> because ... you guess it, somebody removed the .load symlinks we expect
> to be there.

I didn't say that this was dpkg's fault. Then, "errors out" and "fails"
are synonymous here. The error is fatal and the system is left in
an inconsistent state. The user must fix things manually then run
"apt-get install -f", hoping things are really fixed...

BTW, I'm wondering whether the fact that "invoke.rc-d apache2 restart"
fails should make the postinst script fail and affect the whole upgrade.
If the goal is to make the user notice that Apache doesn't run, this is
rather unnecessary: In any case, the user should test his web server
after an Apache upgrade (or other major upgrade in the system), even
when everything seems fine during the upgrade. This should be regarded
more as a "run-time" failure than an "install-time" failure.

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