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Re: Solutions for the Apache upgrade hell

* Arno Töll <arno@debian.org> [140722 22:10]:
> On 21.07.2014 20:58, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> >
> > Yes, and a consequence of this loss is that dpkg fails.
> > 
> dpkg does not at all fail. If anything dpkg errors out because Apache's
> maintainer script failed, because "invoke.rc-d apache2 restart" failed,
> because ... you guess it, somebody removed the .load symlinks we expect
> to be there.

As a mere bystander I still don't really understand the underlying
issue. You're basically saying that /some/ conffiles are kept, and
others are purged and reinstalled?

Possible radical solution: abandon old apache binary package names
[of those that ship conffiles], introduce a new set of names,
Conflict/Break (but not Replace?) the old ones and have all modules
depend on the new packages.
3rdparty module packages will then prevent upgrades or get
deinstalled, and users get a fresh config that works, but may not do
anything useful.


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