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Re: let missing-debian-source-format lintian tag be a warning!

Guillem Jover wrote:

>Exactly. I don't have any intention to change the current dpkg-source
>default behavior in that regard.


But people who touch packages without d/s/format can just
write "1.0\n" into it, to retain existing behaviour without
the warning. Still, changing the default is badâ?¦

>> like /etc/dpkg/dpkg-source.cfg, which admittedly doesn't exist yet.
>But sure, that (and its $HOME counterpart) is a good idea and is
>something I'll be adding (possibly for 1.17.12) when also adding

This has the potential of breaking all sorts of build scripts
and dpkg wrappers that assume default behaviour when an option
is not specified. This would also require all options to have
"no-" counterparts to disable them again. (This is nicely solved
in BSD land (including mksh getopts builtin) by the way, where
there are no --gnu-long-options: -x turns -x on, +x turns -x off.)

All maintainers of software that has historically had default
behaviour and no configuration files, and is switching to use
configuration files, either user-specific ones (can break the
scripts) or system-wide ones (can break scripts as well as
users) should, in the same go, add an *environment variable*
to disable these. (An environment variable will just be ignored
by older versions of such software; a --no-config-file option
will usually error out on older versions and is thus a really
bad idea.)


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