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/usr/lib to /lib symlinks (absolute?)


  As I read in debian policy:

10.5 Symbolic links

In general, symbolic links within a top-level directory should be
relative, and symbolic links pointing from one top-level directory to
or into another should be absolute. (A top-level directory is a
sub-directory of the root directory /.) For example, a symbolic link
from /usr/lib/foo to /usr/share/bar should be relative (../share/bar),
but a symbolic link from /var/run to /run should be absolute.[91]

[91] This is necessary to allow top-level directories to be symlinks.
If linking /var/run to /run were done with the relative symbolic link
../run, but /var were a symbolic link to /srv/disk1, the symbolic link
would point to /srv/run rather than the intended target.


  I am trying to use a debootstrapped directory as root filesystem to
build some local software, IOTW, instead using my system libraries, I
want to use the libraries in a directory for linking using the
compiler sysroot option. However, I am finding that symlinks in
/usr/lib point to /lib with absolute links and it gets they build
system partly confused. Also, debootstrapped directory, when not
changing root, have links in $directory/usr/lib pointing to my system
/lib instead $directory/usr/lib.

  Could we add an exception to Debian policy 10.5 to mandate relative
symlinks when linking /usr/lib to /lib or do you envision other issues
I might have not taken into account?

  With an script I am able to fix it up, convert absolute to relative
symlinks, so all that is working for me, but I would like to find out
if that should also be fixed in Debian proper.

 Héctor Orón  -.. . -... .. .- -.   -.. . ...- . .-.. --- .--. . .-.

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