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Re: let missing-debian-source-format lintian tag be a warning!

Hi Charles,

Quoting Charles Plessy (2014-07-16 02:58:58)
> viewed from the opposite side of the chain, I have the impression that in
> most cases where I receive a report that package X does not build on
> architecture Y, it is a pure waste of time, since that package has no user
> base on that architecture.

while that package might have no user base, it might be required to build other
source packages on that architecture. You can easily check whether this is the
case by doing:

    curl --silent http://bootstrap.debian.net/importance_metric_all.txt \
    | awk '$1 == "src:$yoursrcpkgname" { print $3; }'

The number that is printed is the amount of other source packages which need
$yoursrcpkgname to be buildable so that they can be built on Debian sid amd64.
The file is regenerated daily.

So if you feel wookey becomes too eager you can tell him that not only do the
binary packages that $yoursrcpkgname builds have no users but it also is likely
not needed to build more source packages.

cheers, josch

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