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Re: systemd is here to stay, get over it now (was: Re: Pinning vs. conflicting)


Alexander Pushkin:
> It's core developers


I think we can do without (quite unfounded, IMHO) insinuations that
systemd is somehow infected with an NSA-sponsored backdoor or two,
thank you very much.

> Please respect our decision to stay away from systemd and still be Debian users. If possible, please, don't resist changes that make our lives easier. 

The problem is not that anybody resists such changes.
The problem is that some people bitch endlessly abut how evil systemd is
_instead_of_ producing software (not just patches) to replace what systemd

> For thou art so possessed with murderous hate,

Three words do come to mind … which I'll not write down here,
in order not to escalate this discussion.

You may mail me your guesses privately. ;-)

-- Matthias Urlichs

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