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Re: systemd-shim [Re: How to avoid stealth installation of systemd?]

 ❦  1 juillet 2014 21:17 +0200, Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> :

> As of this writing 204, is already over 1 year old and will be grossly
> outdated once jessie releases. It also misses a lot of important
> functionality.
> That missing functionality is holding back other maintainers, like the
> GNOME maintainers which need a newer logind for 3.12 or the AppArmor
> folks, which want the AppArmorProfile support in v210.
> I do not think it's reasonable to hold back any updates of systemd in
> the hope that an updated systemd-shim eventually appears.

OpenBSD will produce shim for some systemd functionalities, including
logind, hostnamed, localed and timedated through GSoC (with Ian Kremlin
as student).

The current work can be found here:

From what I read on the OpenBSD mailing list, it is expected hostnamed,
localed and timedated interfaces to be completed by the end of the
GSoC. Some additional work may be needed for a complete logind

Maybe it would be a good idea to support this effort but I don't know
how this could be done without interfering with Ian's GSoC.
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