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Re: How to avoid stealth installation of systemd?

On Tue, July 1, 2014 17:35, Juliusz Chroboczek wrote:
>>> gentle persuasion [...] is more in line with point 4 of the Debian
>>> Social Contract than [...] bullying?
>> May I suggest that you treat others the way you want to be treated?
> I am not a Debian Developer.  I am not bound by the Social Contract.

That you think that this highly formalistic argument determines that you
should not have to keep yourself to high standards when reporting bugs, I
think underlines exactly why you got a terse response.

> Are we to expect a higher standard of behaviour from a Debian Developer
> than from a random user who is pissed off because his system has just been
> broken?  Or is being a Debian Developer power without responsibility, as
> some of your esteemed colleagues appear to believe?

No, we expect a minimal standard of everyone that participates in the
Debian ecosystem. I suggest you read the Debian code of conduct before
interacting further with the volunteers that spend their own time to make
a completely free operating system for you to use.


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