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Re: Unicode 7.0 released - some packages contain outdated embedded data copies

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh dixit:

>Make it generic, instead.  You could just automatize the table update
>through a script, and allow it to either fetch the data over the network
>using curl/wget/whatever (default), or to get the data from a local file.

It’s a bit more than a table. Also, the process involves some
unfree-for-a-BSD (GNU GPL) code that does part of the transformation.
For jupp, I have to do other parts by hand, including review…

“ah that reminds me, thanks for the stellar entertainment that you and certain
other people provide on the Debian mailing lists │ sole reason I subscribed to
them (I'm not using Debian anywhere) is the entertainment factor │ Debian does
not strike me as a place for good humour, much less German admin-style humour”

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