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edos.debian.net is back as qa.debian.org/dose


the analysis of not-installable packages due to dependency issues that
we did since 2006 under the name edos.debian.net is now operating again
at [1]. What is new:

- it now uses the dose-debcheck tool from the dose suite, which is
- it has much improved explanations of non-installability
- it shows correct results in the "each" category (formerly, packages that
  were missing on some architectures did never show up there)
- it has a classification according to the duration of non-installability,
  going back to 2014-04-05
- it runs on a debian project machine (thanks a lot to pabs for his help!)

There are still some features that I would like to add, like automatically
recognizing cases that are related to ongoing transitions, or related
bug reports, but that is for the future. If you have other ideas of what
could be useful to add, how to improve the display of the results, or
other scenarios to add please let me know.

Cheers -Ralf.

[1] qa.debian.org/dose

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