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Re: systemd-fsck?

Am 11.05.2014 22:49, schrieb Michael Biebl:
> Am 11.05.2014 19:37, schrieb Helmut Grohne:
>> I trust you to be technically right on this. Still the number of
>> packages getting this wrong is stunning[1]. Therefore I'd argue that
>> [1] http://codesearch.debian.net/search?q=su+-c+path%3Adebian%2F+path%3Ainit
> If I counted correctly, there are 5 packages using su in their init
> script, dirmngr being one of them. Considering that we have ~1200 SysV
> init scripts in Debian, I don't consider this number stunning at all.
> And yes, we should fix those init scripts.

Seems this codesearch query was incomplete indeed.

I did a grep over a local archive checkout (from 2014-01-11)

The result is 62 occurences of the string "su ", in 40 different SysV
init scripts (see attachement). Still a quite manageable number.


Why is it that all of the instruments seeking intelligent life in the
universe are pointed away from Earth?
auth2db/init.d/auth2db:			su -p -s /bin/sh "$USER" -c "$DAEMON $1 3>/dev/null"
bucardo/init.d/bucardo:	su bucardo --command "$DAEMON start"
bucardo/init.d/bucardo:	su bucardo --command "$DAEMON reload_config"
bucardo/init.d/bucardo:	su bucardo --command "$DAEMON stop"
buildbot/init.d/buildmaster:    su -s /bin/sh \
buildbot-slave/init.d/buildslave:    su $suopt - ${SLAVE_USER[$mi]} \
clamav-freshclam/init.d/clamav-freshclam:  su "$DatabaseOwner" -p -s /bin/sh -c "freshclam -l $UpdateLogFile --datadir $DatabaseDirectory"
console-log/init.d/console-log:      if su --shell=$SHELL --command="head -n 1 $file" $USER > /dev/null 2>&1; then
couchdb/init.d/couchdb:        if su $COUCHDB_USER -c "$command"; then
cpushare/init.d/cpushare:	if ! su nobody -c /usr/lib/cpushare/seccomp-test >/dev/null 2>&1; then
dirmngr/init.d/dirmngr:		output=$(su -c ". /lib/lsb/init-functions && umask 027 && start_daemon -p $PIDFILE $DAEMON --daemon --sh" dirmngr) || return 1
distributed-net/init.d/distributed-net:			su daemon -c "chrt -b 0 $DAEMON $OPTIONS"
distributed-net/init.d/distributed-net:			su daemon -c "$DAEMON $OPTIONS -shutdown" > /dev/null 2>&1
distributed-net/init.d/distributed-net:			su daemon -c "$DAEMON $OPTIONS -restart" 2> /dev/null
distributed-net/init.d/distributed-net:			su daemon -c "$DAEMON $OPTIONS -restart" 2> /dev/null
distributed-net/init.d/distributed-net:		su daemon -c "$DAEMON $OPTIONS -fetch"
distributed-net/init.d/distributed-net:		su daemon -c "$DAEMON $OPTIONS -flush"
distributed-net/init.d/distributed-net:		su daemon -c "$DAEMON $OPTIONS -update"
echolot/init.d/echolot:			su "$USER" -c "$command"
ejabberd/init.d/ejabberd:    su $EJABBERDUSER -c "$EJABBERDCTL $action" >/dev/null
ejabberd/init.d/ejabberd:    su $EJABBERDUSER -c "$EJABBERD -noshell -detached"
ejabberd/init.d/ejabberd:    exec su $EJABBERDUSER -c "$EJABBERD"
fetchmail/init.d/fetchmail:			su -s /bin/sh -c "/usr/bin/strace -tt $* $DAEMON $OPTIONS --nosyslog --nodetach -v -v" $USER <&- 2>&1
fetchmail/init.d/fetchmail:			su -s /bin/sh -c "$DAEMON $OPTIONS --nosyslog --nodetach -v -v" $USER <&- 2>&1
flumotion/init.d/flumotion:	su -s /bin/sh -c "umask 026; unset HOME; $1" flumotion
freevo/init.d/freevo_encodingserver:  exec su --shell /bin/sh freevo -c "$0 $@"
freevo/init.d/freevo_recordserver:  exec su --shell /bin/sh freevo -c "$0 $@"
freevo/init.d/freevo_rssserver:  exec su --shell /bin/sh freevo -c "$0 $@"
freevo/init.d/freevo_webserver:  exec su --shell /bin/sh freevo -c "$0 $@"
freevo/init.d/freevo_xserver: openvt -f -c 9 -- su --shell /bin/sh freevo -c  "startx  $DAEMONLOG   -- :1 vt9  -quiet"
freevo/init.d/freevo_xserver:    su --shell /bin/sh freevo -c "$DAEMON --stop"
freevo/init.d/freevo_xserver:    su --shell /bin/sh freevo -c "$DAEMON --stop"
gozerbot/init.d/gozerbot:           su $RUNUSER -c "$NAME >> /var/log/gozerbot.log 2>&1 &"
gozerbot/init.d/gozerbot:           su $RUNUSER -c gozerbot-init
inn2/init.d/inn2:    su news -c /usr/lib/news/bin/rc.news > /var/log/news/rc.news 2>&1
inn2/init.d/inn2:    su news -c '/usr/lib/news/bin/rc.news stop' >> /var/log/news/rc.news 2>&1
jenkins/init.d/jenkins:    # so we let su do so for us now
jenkins-slave/init.d/jenkins-slave:    # so we let su do so for us now
jsonbot/init.d/jsonbot:           su $RUNUSER -c "jsb-fleet -d $DATADIR $ARGSTRING 2>/dev/null &"
jsonbot/init.d/jsonbot:           su $RUNUSER -c "jsb-init -d /var/cache/jsb"
lfc-dli/init.d/lfc-dli:            $DAEMON "su $LFCUSER -c \"$DLIDAEMON -l $DLIDAEMONLOGFILE\""
libapache2-mod-shib2/init.d/shibd:        DIAG=$(su -s $DAEMON $DAEMON_USER -- -t $DAEMON_OPTS 2>/dev/null)
nethack-common/init.d/nethack-common:        # a child shell through 'su -c', so instead we use a helper
nethack-common/init.d/nethack-common:        su --shell=/bin/sh -c /usr/lib/games/nethack/recover-helper "$owner"
nvi/init.d/nviboot:			(su - nobody -s /bin/sh -c "$SENDMAIL $owner < $i" &) </dev/null >/dev/null 2>&0
opennebula/init.d/opennebula:    su oneadmin -s /bin/sh -c 'one start'
opennebula/init.d/opennebula:    su oneadmin -s /bin/sh -c 'one stop'
opennebula-sunstone/init.d/opennebula-sunstone:    su oneadmin -s /bin/sh -c "$DAEMON start"
opennebula-sunstone/init.d/opennebula-sunstone:    su oneadmin -s /bin/sh -c "$DAEMON stop"
pgbouncer/init.d/pgbouncer:	su -c "$DAEMON -R $OPTS 2> /dev/null" - $RUNASUSER
pgpool2/init.d/pgpool2:		su -c "$DAEMON -n $OPTS 2>&1 </dev/null | logger -t pgpool -p ${PGPOOL_SYSLOG_FACILITY:-local0}.info >/dev/null 2>&1 &" - postgres
powerman/init.d/powerman:        ERRMSG=`su "$USER" -c "/sbin/start_daemon \
powerman/init.d/powerman:          ERRMSG=`su "$USER" -c "$nice \"$DAEMON\" $DAEMON_ARGS" 2>&1`
remote-tty/init.d/remote-tty:		su rttymgr -c "/usr/sbin/startsrv *"
rotter/init.d/rotter:		while ! su - $USER -c jack_lsp > /dev/null 2>&1; do
slashem-common/init.d/slashem-common:	  # a child shell through 'su -c', so instead we use a helper
slashem-common/init.d/slashem-common:	  su "$owner" -c /usr/lib/games/slashem/recover-helper 
slony1-2-bin/init.d/slony1:		su -c ". /lib/lsb/init-functions ; umask 027 ; start_daemon -p $(pidfile $1) $DAEMON -f $(conffile $1) -p $(pidfile $1) >>$(logfile $1) 2>&1 </dev/null &" - postgres
slony1-2-bin/init.d/slony1:		is_running $1 || su -c "umask 027 ; slon_start ${cluster+"--config /etc/slony1/slon_tools_${cluster}.conf"} --pidfile $(pidfile $1) $SLON_START_ARGS $node >/dev/null" - postgres
torrus-common/init.d/torrus-common:  su="/bin/su ${user} -c"
voms-server/init.d/voms:                su -c "TNS_ADMIN=\"$tnsvalue\" ${voms} --conf ${etcpath}/voms/$vo/voms.conf" -s /bin/bash $VOMS_USER
yaws/init.d/yaws:    su -l $YAWS_USER -c "$script"

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