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Re: --> APT's New Version <--

The deity team <deity@lists.debian.org> writes:

> Everyone else will find in this beta^Wbinary release the fulfilment of
> a longstanding dream: /usr/bin/apt provided by apt rather than java.

I don't know, this all seems a bit hasty. What about all my shell
scripts to work with the Java “apt” to turn it into my package manager?
Have you no regard for backward-compatibility?

> But a word of caution: the "/usr/bin/apt" binary is still work in
> progress, so now is the time to speak up if you miss features or find
> bugs and patch the hell out of/into it for a nice Debian
> freeze&release in November. :)

Oh. Well, I'll get to work on the patches. I assume the project is using
a Java CAPS instance, can I have access to it?

> It is "Sweet 16"-APT-1.0-Release-Partytime, so feel free to join the
> fun and tell us your answers or anything else you want to share!
> deity@lists.debian.org and #debian-apt are waiting for you.

Huge thanks to everyone who has worked on APT over the years, making it
the standard by which to judge all other package management systems.

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