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Re: --> APT's New Version <--

On Tue, Apr 01, 2014 at 05:39:04PM +0200, The deity team wrote:
> After much discussion, the deity team has now picked an official
> stanza on what a version number says about the stability and quality
> of a software product:
> 16 years after the initial announcement[0] we are pleased to announce
> apt in version "" as a birthday present to everyone caring
> deeply about numbers.
> Everyone else will find in this beta^Wbinary release the fulfilment of
> a longstanding dream: /usr/bin/apt provided by apt rather than java.
> We want to thank the java community for deprecating their "Annotation
> Processing Tool" a long time ago and the java maintainers for
> preparing the takeover by us.
> Our newest addition to the apt family is intended as a user interface
> and comes therefore bundled with a bunch of configuration and
> interface changes compared to its siblings – but we don't want to blow
> the surprise, so play with it for yourself! No worries through,
> /usr/bin/apt-* will keep working just as before.
> But a word of caution: the "/usr/bin/apt" binary is still work in
> progress, so now is the time to speak up if you miss features or find
> bugs and patch the hell out of/into it for a nice Debian
> freeze&release in November. :)
> 16 years old and still ever changing: Not even the name remains
> stable.  What used to be called "deity" was announced as "Apt", first
> released as "APT" [1], shipped as "apt-get" and "apt-cache",
> interpreted as "A Package Tool" and "Advanced Package Tool" and is now
> also available as "apt" … But the initial wisdom holds: "it's still a
> good word in its own right".  And this word has surely influenced the
> way we manage our software on phones, servers and space stations. It
> also still stirs envy among users and developers outside the Debian
> universe – and rightly so! ;)
> This would not have been possible without contributions by hundreds of
> people in code, documentation, translations, bugreports and support!
> Thank YOU for all this work – and please keep it coming! :) 
> A very special thanks also goes out to the original authors: Your
> little baby is now a sweet teenager who can legally drink beer! [2]
> Who would have guessed that 16 years ago? Do you remember what you did
> on the first April in 1998? What is the first thing you thought while
> reading this mail? And most important of all: Have you mooed today?

I think I was just pleased that I'd thought of the name and that Jason,
Manoj and others had accepted it - it defused an almighty flamewar :)

> It is "Sweet 16"-APT-1.0-Release-Partytime, so feel free to join the
> fun and tell us your answers or anything else you want to share!
> deity@lists.debian.org and #debian-apt are waiting for you.
> Best regards and: Moo!
> Your APT Development Team
> [0] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/1998/04/msg00027.html
> [1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/1998/04/msg00274.html
> [2] based on current team member origins. Your mileage may vary.
>     We recommend tea (with a lacing of milk maybe) while working apt
>     though. Super cow recommends that you smash some milk instead. 
> -- 
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Andy Cater

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