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Re: anyone interested in cobbler?

Excerpts from Timo Aaltonen's message of 2014-02-14 05:49:38 -0800:
>     Hi
>   I've put cobbler packaging to collab-maint/cobbler.git, which is based
> on the original ubuntu package but has been cleaned up for the most
> part. Some ubuntuisms still remain, and some patches need to be sent
> upstream for merging.
> But it doesn't have an ITP yet, since I'm not sure if it'll be useful
> for my environment in the long run. So if someone wants to pick it up
> please let me know. I'm willing to at least co-maintain it for the time
> being, but it needs a sponsor once the packaging is considered ready.

I think if you've already deployed Cobbler, it might be useful to keep
it maintained. Upstream is BARELY active AFAIK.

But there are many more modern alternatives.

I am partial to OpenStack, which I'm working on for my paid job.
OpenStack's compute service, nova, can be configured to do basically
all the stuff Cobbler does using the baremetal driver. It is already
available in Debian (thanks zigo!)

Also Ironic will do even more and is about to graduate to a fully
integrated project in OpenStack.

Also Canonical was pushing Cobbler but then dropped it largely
because MaaS (Metal as a Service) exists and is a better more modern
implementation as well.

So, if you need an API for hardware management, I think Cobbler is a
fairly poor choice at this point.

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