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Re: Bug#727708: Fsck SystemD and its developers and its users. GR to override this please.

On 02/10/2014 08:13 PM, Svante Signell wrote:
> What about agreeing on a common syntax for a start? For example there is
> a proposal floating around in debian-devel by Petter Reinholdtsen
> entitled: Two line init.d scripts

Yes, I have seen Petter's suggestion and I don't think it's a good
solution as it would debugging init scripts more opaque.

Again, I do not understand how our users will actually profit from
being able to choose their init system.

Can you imagine this being an option in Debian Installer just like
you can configure your time zone or filesystems? What would you
write to the description texts of the different choices?

It's crazy just to think about it.

There are many core components where you cannot be choose between
different alternatives and no one bats an eye, yet everyone loses
their mind when it comes to init.


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