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Re: Bug#727708: Fsck SystemD and its developers and its users. GR to override this please.

On 02/11/2014 12:33 AM, Sam Hocevar wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 10, 2014, Craig Bransworth wrote:
>> Fuck systemd from the bottom of my heart.
>> Fuck it.
>> Fuck it.
>> I do not want to learn systemd.
>> I do not want to deal with systemd.
>> I hate the way it does things.
>> I hate the way their community works.
>    Hi Craig. And thank you for your interest in Debian and its init
> system.
>    Have you heard of the OpenBSD project? (http://openbsd.org/) It's a
> free, functional and secure operating system. It looks exactly like the
> kind of project you'd enjoy, because it does not use systemd or upstart.
> It also has a friendly and very open community that I'm sure you'd find
> welcoming.
> Kind regards,

Excuse me, but this reply isn't appropriate, just as much as the OP.
Redirecting him to another Unix distribution isn't the thing to do.

Instead, you should have informed the OP that we will continue to
support not only systemd, upstart, or whichever becomes the default.
Because that's the plan. And nobody will force anyone to use the default
settings, just like nobody is forced to use the default desktop.

Even after one of the init systems is declared as default for Jessie, we
will welcome testers for the *other* init systems, just like we do for
any other package in Debian (file-rc anyone? :)).

Also, I wouldn't be against some help with OpenRC packaging. There's
lots of Debian specific patches that are hard to test on each platforms
(kFreeBSD is, if I'm not mistaking, broken by the last upload).


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