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Re: Conflict between debian/upstream (DEP-12) & debian/upstream/ (uscan)

Another project that looks at DEP-12 metadata is DUCK, the Debian URL
checker. I think it looks at DEP-12 stuff as a source of URLs to

In your patch I think you mean [ ! -d $srcfile ] instead of -e? The
latter will match if debian/upstream is a dir or a file but I think
you want it to only match on files and maybe symlinks?

There are other issues with uscan/DEP-12;

debian/watch is duplicated in the Watch field in DEP-12 debian/upstream.

The Homepage field from debian/control is duplicated in DEP-12 debian/upstream.

umegaya doesn't support packages where there is no VCS. Not sure if
the blends site has the same issue?



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