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Re: Valve games for Debian Developers

On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 11:55 AM, Zlatan Todoric
<zlatan.todoric@gmail.com> wrote:

> Can now be a reason for becoming a DD - I want to get free Valve games? :)

The absolute monetary value of the Valve Pack on Steam is €89.99 in
Europe; I expect other regions to be about the same. While that can be
more or less relative monetary value depending on location, age,
income, etc, it's laughably little compared to the effort to go from
zero to DD. I would be surprised if that translates to more than €1
per hour of work. And no matter _where_ you live, if you have access
to a computer modern enough to play games, you can probably earn more
than that elsewhere.
The risk of any "outsider" to become a DD for this offer alone is slim to none.

If that's what pushes a DM to dance the NM dance, on the other hand...
that's arguably a Good Thing.


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