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Transition from ttf-* fonts to fonts-* for Debian-IN Team

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As per the change in font naming convention, all (most) fonts are
renamed from ttf-*-fonts to fonts-* and we introduced transitional dummy
packages to allow smooth transition from ttf-* counter parts to fonts-*
counter parts. This was done in Wheezy and now time has come to drop these
transitional dummy packages (oh well and I accidentally dropped these
already and the packages are not transitioning) and I'm writing this
mail as part of Debian-IN (Debian India) team where we maintain all
Indian language fonts. Below is the set of fonts which we are planning
to ask for removal from archive.

     1. ttf-indic-fonts
     2. ttf-bengali-fonts
     3. ttf-devanagari-fonts
     4. ttf-kannada-fonts
     5. ttf-punjabi-fonts
     6. ttf-tamil-fonts
     7. ttf-malayalam-fonts
     8. ttf-telugu-fonts
     9. ttf-oriya-fonts

These fonts were containing mixture of various fonts from various
upstream built from single source font *ttf-indic-fonts*. Now we have
split these fonts into various font packages depending on various
upstreams to ease life of maintainers. So here is the equivalaent meta
packages for above packages that needs to be used. Yes meta packages as
these fonts further depends on various other font packages from the same

     1. fonts-indic
     2. fonts-beng
     3. fonts-deva
     4. fonts-knda
     5. fonts-mlym
     6. fonts-guru
     7. fonts-taml
     8. fonts-telu
     9. fonts-orya

Each of the above fonts will pull all the fonts available for each
language in Debian except fonts-indic which will pull all remaining

Now for the dd-list which still refers ttf-*-fonts which I generated

        reverse-depends -s --list $package | dd-list --nouploaders

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I will file the bug for these packages possibly with patch in a week if
not fixed by then.

This is part of first fonts transition request, next one will be bit
huge and will be raised from pkg-fonts team :).

Warm Regards
Vasudev Kamath
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