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Re: sysvinit: moving the contents out of the Essential: yes package?

On 28/11/13 10:57, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Nov 2013, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
>> I was referring to the sysvinit program/package, which I think is made
>> obsolete by OpenRC;  the original SysV init scripts could still be used
>> by OpenRC.
> I think you’re confusing sysvinit with sysv-rc here.

Yes, I meant sysv-rc there.

This has been confused throughout all of the Debate pages, where
"sysvinit" is used to mean "the current init system, built from
src:sysvinit" and mostly referring to the sysv-rc part.  So there is
already confusion due to that.

On the 'multiple' page I used the same term for consistency, even if not
completely specific/accurate.  But it is a single bullet point in the
document and it is not one of the options I'm proposing anyway.

Steven Chamberlain

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