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Re: debconf as a registry

Bas Wijnen wrote:
> As I wrote, the only thing you need is to search for any package using a
> config script.  Searching for db_input path:\.config$ gives for example
> cyrus-sasl2 and bind9 on the first page.

No ,any package using a config script does not use debconf in a buggy
fashion. Sheesh. Are you trying to be intentionallhy abtruse and

> Bind9's config script has the simplicity that I like (apart from the
> extra db_go calls).  A simple package should be able to have a simple
> config script like that.
> But it is wrong, because it ignores current values in the configuration
> file.  Its postinst file will happily overwrite values in there with the
> debconf answers, which may well come from the cache (especially since
> they're low priority).

No, it will not. Its postinst avoids this in an excessively complicated
and suboptimal way, but it does avoid it.


see shy jo

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