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Re: sysvinit: moving the contents out of the Essential: yes package?

On 27/11/13 11:49, Marko Randjelovic wrote:
> Then I don't understand why on 'multiple' page they say sysvinit+openrc
> is infeasible.

I was referring to the sysvinit program/package, which I think is made
obsolete by OpenRC;  the original SysV init scripts could still be used
by OpenRC.

It is infeasible for Debian to choose "sysvinit and OpenRC" as
required-supported init systems (such that you could install either of
these and get a working system).

Because in that case, a package that chooses to provide a new
OpenRC-style runscript, would still be required to maintain the original
SysV init script, for sysvinit users, with no particular advantage of
doing so.

Steven Chamberlain

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