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Re: Proposal: switch default desktop to xfce

Op 30-10-13 23:09, Steve McIntyre schreef:
>> Having said that, I do think that providing a limited number of CD
>> install images is useful for those cases of retrocomputing where
>> installing off DVD is difficult. Other than that...
> So... In that situation, would you care about having more than just a
> netinst available for initial booting? Beyond that, people can get on
> the network to a mirror, or to other machines hosting the DVD images.
> I'm thinking we can cut down some more here. Maybe (as Steven
> suggested) we could keep a single bigger CD image around, but I'm not
> 100% convinced that it's likely to give us enough beyond the netinst
> to make me care about it. What else would we want/need on a CD to make
> it compelling here?

I think having a live-CD (if that is at all possible) might be useful
for those cases where you have an old system without DVD that doesn't
boot anymore. This doesn't need a full desktop environment, just a shell
with some utilities should do.

I don't think you'd necessarily need more than the netinst CD for
installation, either; but then, if you're going to write a CD image
anyway, why not write the full one rather than waste a CD to half an
image -- so I think having one 650MB image might be useful; I would
suggest adding packages that have a high popcon rating, without
necessarily trying to fit any kind of desktop environment on there.

As an aside, it might be sensible to add a link to the two netboot
"mini.iso" images which are found in the d-i FTP area for people to use,
too; these contain just the booloader plus its configuration, a kernel
and an initrd, and downloads everything else off the net. It is
therefore even smaller than the netboot one (on amd64/sid currently 23M
for the plain one, 30M for the GTK one), and is what I commonly use when
I need an installer medium and PXE won't work.

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will not go to space today.

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